A partner for the long-run – developing a modern ERP system for JIS-Automation

JIS-Automation Oy is an automation and electrical company founded in 2001 with a strong market position in Finland. They supply electrical and automation centers as well as smoke extraction systems for buildings and factories. The company’s strong project expertise ensures that they know the latest technologies and the needs of their customers. JIS-Automation offers solutions ranging from equipment design to manufacture, commissioning, and service and maintenance. Extensive system expertise and reliable deliveries have made JIS-Automation one of the leading players in their industry. The company takes responsibility and care of quality work always in the customer's best interest.

JIS-Automation was looking for an ERP system that would support and streamline their production process and be customizable in the future according to the company’s needs. Turnkey solutions from big providers weren’t customizable enough and wouldn’t offer the company the attention and service they required. On the other hand, Etteplan was able to provide agile development services and a reliable partnership.

In addition to having the necessary competences to deliver an ERP system, Etteplan could also provide expertise for instance in UX design from under the same roof. Thus, Etteplan was chosen as the supplier and future development partner for JIS-Automation’s ERP system.

Modern ERP system with customizable features and reporting capabilities

In close cooperation with JIS-Automation, Etteplan developed an ERP system which was implemented as a SPA-application in Microsoft Azure’s cloud computing service. The system includes features such as resourcing, hour tracking, bid and project management, and report generation. The solutions also includes a mobile app for JIS-Automation employees to conveniently report their hours into the system.

“The ERP system controls all branches of JIS-Automation all the way from quotation to execution and invoicing. JIS-Automation’s operations include electrical and automation panel manufacturing, installation, cabling, design and programming projects, and equipment sales,” describes Mikko Laitila, Business Director at JIS Automation.

Recently, Etteplan has added new features to the ERP system. The most important being an inventory management module that provides information about shelf location, customer lists, component suppliers and purchasing orders. The new module was built with React.

“Our cooperation is continuous with weekly meetings. We are able to add new features at a short notice and help JIS-Automation grow with the support from their ERP-system,” explains Mika Voutilainen, Project Manager at Etteplan, who has worked in the project with JIS-Automation for the past year.

A solution that’s adaptable and fits the needs of the business

The ERP system makes it easier for JIS-Automation to receive orders, resource, transfer orders to production, and invoice. The solution fits JIS-Automation’s practices and processes and with it the company has achieved operational efficiency through better control and insights to their operations. The system is customized to fit the company’s requirements and continues to be developed to support their growth and adapt to the changing business needs of the company. In addition, the company has gained a development partner for the long-run.

“JIS-Automation has acquired a very comprehensive, efficient and easy-to-use resource planning system from Etteplan. The system has been developed together with Etteplan over the years and has been continuously taken forward into a larger entity,” concludes Mikko.

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