Sabine Lærke: Embracing growth and welcoming challenges

Sabine Lærke: Embracing growth and welcoming challenges

Sabine Lærke started in her role as Sales Manager in Herlev, Denmark in November 2022. While she has not been with the company long, the experience so far has been positive, “I was surprised with how warm and welcoming Etteplan has been, all members of the Etteplan family.”
“Communication across teams, business areas, and even countries are so easy, whether it is Finland, Sweden, Denmark or even further – everybody wants to help to make sure we, as an organization, succeed ” Sabine shared. 

Sabine’s days are never two in the same, consisting of a mix of everything. Interacting with customers and potential customers, to working on connecting projects and assignments to the right teams. Understanding the offering and best options and resources available is an important part of her role, Sabine enjoys being able to help customers in more ways than they could previously understand. “Sometimes existing customers have been working with one department within Etteplan, but we discover that they may have needs in other areas.   We listen to our customers' needs and can elaborate on how we provide assistance .”

Being new, Sabine is looking forward to growing in her current role.

“I want to make sure that I gather as much knowledge and as many tools as possible so that I can be the best version of myself.”

Sabine's enthusiasm for growth and self-improvement is evident in her drive to excel in her career.
Part of working at Etteplan is the importance of work-life balance. Sabine's journey to Copenhagen began eleven years ago, when she made the brave decision to leave her hometown. Copenhagen was the perfect place to be as a food enthusiast, she found herself surrounded by like-minded individuals who share her enjoyment. 

“One of my greatest passions is food, which is why I belong to a food club with some friends. We gather together to share meals and enjoy each other's company. I've been looking at my calendar, and it seems that I'm fully booked every weekend for the next three months! It's amazing how popular our food club has become, as some of our events are already scheduled weeks in advance. But I always look forward to these gatherings as they're always a great time.”