Etteplan technical translations and localizations

Technical Translations and Localization

End users of technical documentation always benefit from instructions that are in their native language and match their cultural expectations. At Etteplan we have the competence to not only translate documents but to localize them too. High quality translations reinforce the image of your brand.

Key Benefits
Fast turnaround
More satisfied end-users
In-depth technical knowledge

Etteplan is able to cater to your specific translation and localization needs with a fast turnaround. We specialize in technical documents and no task is too big or small. We can translate between many different languages and have offices around the world.

We can further refine the translation by localizing, to include for example local units, examples, addresses, legal information and illustrations. When there are significant cultural differences between countries, it is especially important to localize. For example, common images, colours, symbols, icons, humour, beliefs and gestures are far from universal. What is polite in one location may be extremely offensive in others. The goal should always be to make end users feel like the documentation has been written just for them, taking account of their cultural preferences. If you achieve that, your company will be more successful in building relationships with customers.

If you are using structured documentation, where the same topics are used many times over in numerous manuals, you may only need certain new or revised topics translated. We know and understand this. Our translators are very happy to work with your existing structured documentation tools, term banks and translation memories.

If the documentation has been written by Etteplan, the translators and writers can easily consult each other, to resolve any ambiguities and ensure translation accuracy. Besides traditional manuals, we can also translate software user interfaces, training packages or video scripts.


We offer the following services to support localization and translation:

  • Technical illustration and animation. Our illustrators can localize images to suit the local market.
  • Simplified Technical English. Information that has been written with simplified technical English is more straightforward to translate. This is because, by it’s nature, simplified technical English is designed to remove ambiguity.
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