Device creation

Etteplan’s device creation service covers all phases, technologies, tools, technology platforms and expertise that are required to create a winning product in a product development project. Our service includes all electronic and software development phases for embedded products, from architecture design to production testing and product approvals.

We also offer mobile and web application design and cyber-security testing for your product. In addition, our technical documentation team will produce all the technical documentation for your product, facilitating your product’s maintenance and boosting the efficiency of spare parts service.

The added value we create as a product development partner is based on our in-depth understanding of the compatibility of various technologies with our customers’ products. We always explain to our customers the reasons for our technology choices, which ensure reliable and safe product architecture and a project plan that is as low-risk as possible.

Device creation

NB-IoT based platform for wireless data transfer

Etteplan developed for Vaisala a platform for wireless data transfer. The solution helps Vaisala to assess the suitability of NB-IoT technology with their products.

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Definition phase

We will perform commercial feasibility calculations and determine the legal and market-based requirements related to your product.

Our technology choices are based on well-known and high-quality solutions, for example, ARM MBED, ARM MBED Linux, Yocto Linux, NXP imx7, stm32, Lora and NB-IoT.

The definition phase results in product architecture and requirement specification, as well as an estimate of the production and development costs for the product, and a schedule for the product development project.

Development phase

We will create an end-to-end solution for your product and we offer design, all the way from the product’s mechanics to electronic and software development for embedded systems and cloud solutions and production testing devices.

The tools and methods we employ ensure that your product will receive CE marking in accordance with the required directives (RED, LVC, EMC, RoHS). We run all the necessary tests for product prototype testing in our own test laboratory, including EMC, MIL, vibration, temperature and environmental tests.

Etteplan’s development projects for electronic devices comply with the security-by-design and privacy-by-design principles. We conduct cyber-security testing for the electronics and software in order to ensure that the connected end product is safe for its intended purpose. 


Delivery phase

We provide assistance in all product approval phases to ensure that you get your product to the market on schedule. With our service, your product will be production ready, transitioning smoothly from planning to production.

We offer life-cycle services for your product, including technical support, software updates and electronic maintenance, to ensure the product’s producibility and cost-effectiveness also in later life-cycle stages.

Our life-cycle services also include technical documentation and, if required, continuous cyber-security testing.

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