Five reasons to buy application management as a service

A new digital service or system has been introduced successfully and high expectations have been placed on it, in terms of both boosting business operations and creating a competitive advantage. However, no software is 100% fail-proof and able to operate without requiring reactions to problem situations or further improvements. Improvements and updates are always required, even though the software was developed by a skilled team of engineers.


Applications that are essential for business require constant user support and management after deployment. The question is, should the solution’s owner answer for the continued development of the application or buy it as a service from another operator. What could be the benefits of outsourcing application management? We have five perspectives to offer on the topic.

1. Focus on your core expertise and use your resources more effectively

If the software or application management is not part of your company’s core competence, it can be a good idea to buy it as a service from a party specializing in the management, updating and further development of software. This avoids having to spend limited resources on tasks that are not part of the company’s core competence. Outsourcing management services can be the most cost-effective option, allowing you to use your resources for developing new services instead of for managing existing ones. Management is also cost-effective because it allows you to make use of an external partner’s core competence and process efficiency.

2. Guarantee quality and customer satisfaction

The outsourcing of a management service creates technical in-depth knowledge that the outsourcing organization does not necessarily have. Thanks to this, problem-solving speeds up and becomes more efficient.

The party offering the application management service has the overall responsibility for the solution which is covered by the agreement. This especially creates quality benefits for the end-users of the solution, as errors are corrected before they even occur. Outsourcing the management task can help to achieve a more secure environment for business-critical applications and thus also contribute to creating a positive image.

3. Minimize losses when problems occur

A website that is down is not good for the image, but if an online store is down, it also results in financial losses. When you can react quickly and with sufficient expertise to problems, interruptions in sales or other financial or image losses can be avoided.

When companies design software or system management or maintenance tasks and responsibilities, it is worth considering how expensive possible production errors or downtime can be for the company. The management service is most likely to pay itself back quickly when we take into account the minimizing of sales losses when problems occur.

4. Prevent problem situations

Although software development has increased in quality over the past decades, it is never entirely certain how a well-designed and implemented solution will work in production. Here, preventing problems plays a key role.

A successful application management service could be considered one where the buyer is not even aware of a defect until it has already been fixed. “I was talking to a customer on the phone last Sunday and telling them I had managed to notice and repair a bug in their software even before it had started causing any major damage. Even though it was a small job for us, it meant a lot to the customer,” says one member of Etteplan MORE’s application management team.

5. Ensure your application’s competitive edge in the future

Software and digital services are subject to continuous change. If they do not require maintenance as such, they at least need further development and the addition of new functionalities in order to maintain a competitive advantage. With the help of an expert application management team, you can identify the key development areas of your system. The application management team also offers a long-term plan, a roadmap, for the further development of your app.

The skilled team times all of the production updates so that they cause the least amount of inconvenience to the end-user. This is not always possible using a customer’s own resources. Whether system or application management is purchased as a service or produced in-house, its significance is huge.

The management team for Etteplan’s MORE service is happy to ensure the functioning of your critical systems. At Etteplan MORE we want to turn our customer relationships into long-lasting partnerships. The benefit of a partnership approach is the creation of mutual understanding and trust, which takes communication to a whole new level. This turns a reactive operating model into a proactive one.

For more information take a look at Etteplan MORE’s management service here: Application Management.

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