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Fake It Till You Make It – How attitude helps your product career

  • Past event

Sobieskiego 2, 3rd floor, 40-082, Katowice, Polska

Past event
This event was held on 23.04.2024. View all upcoming events.

Wondering how skills gained outside IT can enhance your product career? Is product development management something that interests you? Would you like to learn more about her daily challenges?

Discover the story of Natalia, who is ready to share her experiences!

Topics of the conference

You will learn:

  • How to purposefully develop your product career.
  • How to use your passions and experience from other sectors to your advantage.
  • How to successfully enter the IT world, even without direct experience.
  • What challenges you may face in senior positions.

For whom?

For everyone, regardless of experience. We welcome people who are just starting out, as well as experienced professionals looking for new paths of development.

Ideal for:

  • Beginners in product management looking for a solid start to their career.
  • Those planning to grow in IT who are looking for more than just bootcamps and want to base their steps on real-world experience.
  • POs and PMs looking for fresh perspectives and tools.
  • IT people interested in growing into product management.
  • Innovation creators and people from different sectors who are thinking about growth or advancement.


Natalia Jarawka is Product Lead at Sportradar and is responsible for the product team there. Previously, she worked at DAZN, a global sports streaming platform, where she rose from the position of Project Manager to Head of Product. Before dedicating herself to product management, she gained experience in various industries, including journalism, public relations and banking. Her passion for sport, developed over 13 years of professional athletics training, not only inspired her but also cemented her professional path. It was through sport that she won an athletic scholarship, which enabled her to study in the United States.
Post-meeting discussion: Stay for networking to share experiences and talk about challenges and opportunities in product careers.

Punctuality: due to logistics, please arrive on time. If you have access problems, please contact us.

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