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How to ensure functional safety in your product? Practical tips and tricks

  • Past event
Past event
This event was held on 29.11.2023. View all upcoming events.

Functional safety has emerged mainly in the context of incoming regulation. Companies in various sectors are now obliged to meet certain safety standards in their products to protect users and minimize the risk of accidents.

By considering safety aspects from the design stage, potential risks to users and costly repairs or losses due to failures can be avoided.

Event will be in Polish.


  • What is functional safety and what is it for?
  • How does functional safety affect project implementation?
  • Non-safety design versus safety design – what are the differences?
  • The role of self-diagnostics in projects
  • Testing and verification of the safety code
  • What does the safety design certification process look like?
  • Examples of what projects have ended up with where functional safety elements were missing


Paweł Bandoła has been Functional Safety Engineer at Etteplan Poland for 3 years. He works mainly with automotive companies.

Adam Łukowski, Software Specialist - for 12 years in embedded systems programming, for 7 years in Functional Safety, initially for white goods (IEC 60730 standard) and now for industry (IEC 61508 standard). Certified as a "Functional Safety Professional" by TÜV after training in IEC 61508, he is interested in technical issues of functional safety systems, in particular self-diagnosis.