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The coverage of an IoT device more than tripled with antenna testing

The coverage and reliability of wireless communication of your device can have great consequences on its success in the market place. Especially nowadays when the demand for wireless devices is constantly growing with Internet of things and Industry 4.0. In order for your device to work properly in challenging environments, its antenna should be tested and optimized to deliver sufficient performance. In fact, antenna testing and optimization can multiply the antenna coverage of your device.

Often, the true antenna coverage of an IoT device is a mystery to the manufacturer. This presents a major risk for customer satisfaction which could proove costly due to reclamations that can lead to reputational damage. Hence, it’s important that you know the antenna coverage of your device well. Utilizing an antenna measurement chamber gives information on the directivity and possible weak spots of your device’s antenna. This allows you to address issues from a miss-tuned antenna in a cost effective and preventive way.

The coverage of Allaway’s device more than tripled with antenna testing

A good example of how antenna performance testing can help you to answer your customer’s needs for a reliable and better performing antenna is Allaway’s central vacuum cleaner. In total, Etteplan tested and optimized three antennas on the vacuum cleaner.

Allaway’s central vacuum cleaners are well known as they are the most popular brand in Europe in their category. Allaway’s top-of-the-line Z-series are good examples of modern devices with smart connectivity. This world class product has a remote in its handle which is connected to its central unit for effortless control. The vacuum can also be connected to a home automation and a ventilation system making Allaway’s vacuums truly smart devices.

Allaway wanted to maximize the range of their device so that it would work reliably in large properties where thick walls could weaken the signal from the vacuum to its central unit. In other words, Allaway wanted to make sure that their customers would be satisfied with the range and reliability of the product.

Measurements of the three antennas were done in Etteplan Test Laboratory’s Satimo Stargate 64 measurement chamber which you can find only a couple of in Finland. The results guided Etteplan’s experts to optimize the performance of the antennas by modification and relocation. Ultimately, this more than tripled the range and antennas coverage. Now, the vacuum and its central unit can communicate with better reliability, from a longer distance and with lower power consumption, making the innovative device’s performance and efficiency even better.

Antenna performance on the vacuum’s main board

In addition, the Satimo stargate measurement chamber allows for a more cost effective and shorter time schedule on the project compared to traditional antenna testing services. This can significantly shorten the lead time of your product. For example, Allaway’s antenna performance testing was completed in only two days.

Test your antennas in Etteplan’s Test Laboratory

Antenna testing services are performed at Etteplan Test Laboratory every week. The size range of antennas go from a matchbox sized phone, to a full blown welding machine. It can be a readymade antenna or our own design depending on your current configuration. Our expertise allow for not only testing the performance but also optimizing your antennas. Taking into consideration your market and regulatory needs, antenna testing can help you reach a new customer segment and improve your customers’ satisfaction to your product.