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Digital Twin revolutionizes industrial product development

In recent years, Digital Twin has developed in leaps and bounds, and the technology is rapidly making product development in industry faster and more cost-effective. For companies, getting involved in Digital Twin is a very easy and convenient solution.

In most cases, Digital Twin refers to a virtual simulation model of a physical machine, device or even an entire industrial production process, a digital replica in the digital world that corresponds as closely as possible with its physical twin. The benefits offered by the technology are unquestionable, and thus Digital Twin is becoming an immensely valuable asset for industry in product development. In practice, a virtual simulation model enables testing at an early stage of product development to see any faults or bottlenecks.

Digital Twin increases the efficiency of product development as the building and testing of prototypes in a physical environment takes not only time but also investments.

In the digital world, different concepts and their performance can be tested with Digital Twin in the future use environment of the real, physical product. Comparing the concepts helps to find the right solution that will be developed further into a new product in the product development process.

The virtual simulation model makes it easier for experts from various fields to participate in the product development process. For example, software developers, mechanical engineers and user interface designers can all simultaneously work on the same digital twin.

Digital Twin enables testing at an early stage of product development. The earlier testing is started, the fewer faults produced and the greater the benefits.

Imagination is the limit

Although Digital Twin is not a brand-new technology, it is only in recent years that it has made a real breakthrough. One of the drivers of this progress has been the intense development of tools designed for managing virtual simulation models.

The technology already has a lot to offer, but new opportunities are still to come. Digital Twin is developing rapidly, and it has countless applications: in addition to industrial machines or devices, a digital twin can be produced of an entire industrial production process – or of a human body!

In the future, virtual simulation models can be used to manage increasingly larger systems. With analytics and artificial intelligence developing simultaneously with Digital Twin, implementing even more impressive visions will become possible.

For companies, stepping into the world of Digital Twin is easy. You seldom have to start from scratch as many companies already have data and other elements that can be used with Digital Twin. The process can be implemented in phases, taking individual, carefully considered steps, and it is by no means a major time-consuming investment.