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The five benefits of Etteplan HowTo

Maintenance and installation services suffer from poor availability of technical information. Machine and equipment manufacturers hurt from low investments in producing, delivering, and managing technical content. To address these problems, we created a new service called Etteplan HowTo. What is it, and what benefits does it bring for every stakeholder, from end-users to manufacturers, vendors, and service providers?

When technical information is digital and provided online, its availability becomes a lot wider than a limited number of print copies or a PDF database. End-users can use a mobile phone or tablet, or the latest technology from virtual reality to dashboard embedded manuals, to access unlimited amounts of information whenever they need it and wherever they are.

Ensuring a smooth user experience is at the core of Etteplan HowTo. It significantly accelerates problem-solving and shortens the time to knowledge by giving users on-demand and task-specific content. They can focus only on the information needed for a certain task without wasting time finding the right documents.

Technical information can be accessed on any digital channel and device, anywhere, and when the need arises. Textual content and still images can be enriched by rotatable 3D illustrations, videos, and animations. Even augmented or virtual reality solutions can be shared to enhance the user experience and make the information easier to understand.

A full end-to-end turnkey service for all technical information

To support faster development and time-to-market requirements, the production of technical information must meet increasingly stringent schedules while ensuring compliance with relevant regulations across markets. Reusing content for new products and distributing from a cloud platform completely transforms the process of creating and publishing technical information.

This is what Etteplan HowTo is all about. It is a full end-to-end, plug-and-play turnkey service. It includes a cloud-based online platform to produce, manage, maintain, and deliver information, as well as the expertise to handle everything. The whole process can be fully automated.

For business owners, Etteplan HowTo boosts productivity and improves the quality of work in maintenance, installations, commissioning, and operations of any technical product during its entire lifecycle. This saves time and money while also ensuring regulatory compliance. The first-time fix-rates can reach a completely new level.

Benefits in a nutshell

1. Cost-efficiency and simplicity for technical information production, delivery and management as a hassle-free turnkey service. Having all the information hosted in one place and having automated delivery channels removes plenty of waste and complications, and saves costs.

2. Increased productivity by high availability of content. Etteplan HowTo ensures the high availability of all technical information. Users always get the content that they need without any delays and with any device anywhere.

3. Increased safety and quality of complex technical tasks. Cloud-based distribution of technical information is a step ahead in improving safety at work, as manuals are always at hand and up to date. In complex technical tasks, easy-to-understand guidance is essential to ensure all tasks and processes are correctly followed.

4. Fast updates, simplified version management. When any content has to be changed, Etteplan HowTo enables quick updates that can be delivered to users right away. It is possible to release and maintain only one version, which simplifies processes and relieves users from confusion and uncertainty regarding whether they have the latest verified version.

5. Faster time-to-market. With HowTo, it is easy to pick sections from a content management database for reuse. A new searchable and smart manual is ready in a breeze. This is an important advantage for many companies in highly competitive situations because it speeds up the time-to-market for most products.

And this is not all! Etteplan HowTo includes unique analytics features even with direct user feedback. For the first time, content owners get to know how and when information is used, giving insight to improve both the information and the product or service itself.