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Taking a peek under the hood of InMotion’s race car with impressive animations

In the 21st century, we are collectively facing the challenge of climate change. Unfortunately, charging times for electric vehicles still pose an obstacle to widespread acceptance. InMotion, a student team from TU/e, has the mission to make charging electric cars as fast as a regular refueling stop. At Etteplan, we wholeheartedly embrace the future and do our part! That’s why we are proud to partner with InMotion and support them with our expertise in Computer Generated Images (CGI).

Our colleague Charlie created state-of-the-art CGI animations and visuals. InMotion uses these animations to showcase the crucial components of their race car without needing the physical vehicle present. In January 2024, these animations were first showcased at the Car Show in Brussels and received an enthusiastic response. The detailed and dynamic visuals left the audience amazed by the complexity and technological sophistication of the car.

Together, we strive for improved charging solutions for electric vehicles and contribute to positive change in our society.

Want to see the race car come live and see what's happening under the hood? Check out this animation:

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Power Train

Power Train - High Voltage

Battery Cooling Loop

Battery Pack

"One of the most enjoyable aspects of this project was combining video and animation through motion tracking. It was a significant challenge, but it was also fun to unravel how their system works and how best to represent it visually. Fortunately, the InMotion team was always ready to assist with my inquiries."


3D Visualisation and Animation Specialist

This is InMotion: In 2009, three students from Hogeschool Utrecht decided to compete in the Formula Student competition. However, they soon found out that none of them would fit in the small formula student car. That is why they built a full circuit formula car, the Ignition as their graduation project.

After graduating, one of the group members pursued his study at Eindhoven University of Technology. Shortly afterward, InMotion was created by Albert Maas and 9 fellow students, with a dream to create the most innovative racing car in the world. Along came the dream of participating in the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the perfect platform to showcase such thrilling technology as fully electric racing.

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