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Technology Leadership as a Service – get the best expert to drive your industrial digitalization

In many cases, companies realize they lack suitable human resources in-house to manage their digital transformation ambitions. Etteplan’s premium service provides a new hassle-free and cost-efficient solution. Now you can get a top-level senior expert, for instance, to kick off and lead a green transition R&D development process.

Even large enterprises face situations where they want to develop their digital business and services but need help. Their specialists or managers are too busy with day-to-day challenges, or they don’t have the optimal skills or experience for the purpose, or the companies don’t have the resources to hire one permanently. To get forward, they should have someone with plenty of experience, a broad perspective, leadership skills, and deep knowledge. Hiring such a multitalented person is a cumbersome process.

Etteplan’s premium Technology Leadership as a Service provides a new solution. In practice, Etteplan guarantees a highly qualified senior expert with leadership capabilities for a longer-term process. The service is flexible and adapted to the specific needs of a customer.

Whether the company’s industry is manufacturing, smart traffic, medical technology, defense, or retail, it can count on getting the right kind of expertise. Etteplan’s experts have extensive experience in these and many other industries.

For instance, the growing demand to hop on the green transition bandwagon is a novel area affecting businesses worldwide. Etteplan’s experts have already helped companies in the process.

For digital transformation processes, essential R&D projects, and many more

The premium service is suitable for a variety of use cases requiring senior-level skills and insight. It is ideal for cases requiring at least one year’s effort.

Possible purposes for utilizing the service:

  • to develop and define the technology vision and a future roadmap
  • to perform a critical mapping of the current technology architecture
  • to identify challenges in customer-facing services from an objective viewpoint
  • to oversee a digital transformation process of selected functions

The scope of the service has almost no limits, including the caliber of the company. It can be perfect for large or medium-sized companies looking for someone with the skills to manage a complex process and communicate with different departments and stakeholders. Etteplan’s service can be optimal for a venture capital-funded startup or a small enterprise with a solid funding base that is looking for a person with a strong technology background.

The range of the expert’s role can vary, depending on the company size. In a larger business, the role can equal that of a development director, R&D manager, etc. In a small or medium business, the service can even be comparable to a temporary CTO or CDO.

In some cases, the service comes in handy for R&D projects of new hardware, software, a service, or their combination. Etteplan’s expert can also support and envision the impact an innovation would make on the market and verify that there is actual demand for it. Going forward, the expert can lead the development of a whole new product family, including testing, regulatory requirements, or digitalized technical documentation.

Technology Leadership as a service gives easy access to any competencies at Etteplan. Behind the expert is, of course, the support of the entire Etteplan organization.

Regarding costs, Etteplan ensures competitive and transparent pricing. In any case, the customer would avoid administrative and overhead expenses and bonus payments from recruiting and hiring.

Want to know more about Etteplan’s Technology Leadership as a Service? Don’t hesitate to contact us below!