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Stock exchange release – Published: 23.03.2005 16:30:01


The Board of Directors of Etteplan Oyj has in its meeting held on
7 February 2005 made a resolution upon directed share issue pursuant
to the authorization granted to it by the Shareholders' Meeting
held on 30 March 2004. In accordance with the resolution it was
accepted and resolved to realize the acquisition of 70 % of the
share stock of ProTang AB (publ) pursuant to the earlier concluded
purchase agreement by way of increasing the share capital by a
directed share issue of 181,443 shares and EUR 18,144.30.

Because the Board of Directors had proposed to the Annual General
Meeting of the company to increase the share capital by bonus issue
and to decrease the accounting par value without decreasing the
share capital (split) a resolution was made by the Board of Directors
on the basis of the authorization granted to it by the Shareholders'
Meeting held on 30 March 2004 to correct its earlier resolution as
follows, provided that the Annual General Meeting shall make the
aforementioned resolutions in a form proposed by the Board of
Directors: In the increase of share capital, altogether 314,831
new shares of the company, each having an accounting par value of
EUR 0.25, shall be issued. Pursuant to the resolution the share
capital of the company may be increased with a maximum of 
EUR 78,707.75. The subscribers shall pay for the shares by
transferring as consideration to the company their shares,
further specified in the purchase agreement, in ProTang AB (publ).

The new shares shall be entered into Trade Register approximately
on 4 April 2005 after which the shares shall be subjected to trade.

Hollola, 23 March 2005

Etteplan Oyj

Board of Directors

For additional information, contact: Financial Director
Ritva Mönkkönen, tel. +358 3 872 9012, GSM +358 400 485 878.

DISTRIBUTION: Helsinki Exchanges