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Stock exchange release – Published: 27.06.2007 14:00:00

On 27 June 2007 Etteplan Oyj received the following notification, in accordance 
with the Securities Markets Act, of a change in a shareholding in the company: 

Ingman Finance Oy Ab's share capital in Etteplan Oyj's share capital and voting 
rights has on 18 June 2007 through new shares available for trade of directed   
share issue gone below 10% but has through a trade completed on 27 June 2007    
reverted to 10 % level. In accordance with Chapter 2, Section 9 of the          
Securities Markets Act, we hereby inform the Financial Supervision Authority 
and Etteplan Oyj of the following: 

1. Name of target company: Etteplan Oyj                                         

2. Dates when the shareholding changed: 18 June 2007 and 27 June 2007  

3. Precise proportion by share type of Etteplan Oyj's voting rights             
   and share capital:                                                           


Ingman Finance Oy Ab's share of ownership:                                      

                                 No. of shares   Proportion of share 
                                                 capital and votes 

18.6.2007 Etteplan Oyj shares    1,000,000        9.91% 

27.6.2007 Etteplan Oyj shares    1,010,000       10.01% 

Etteplan Oyj's share capital is divided into a total of 10,089,707 shares, each 
of which carries one vote.                                                      

4. Shareholder's full name and Business ID:                                     

Ingman Finance Oy Ab, Business ID: 1765629-2                                    

Hollola, 27 June 2007                                                           

ETTEPLAN OYJ                                                                    

Heikki Hornborg                                                                 

For additional information, contact CEO Heikki Hornborg,                        
tel. +358 400 873 063                                                           

DISTRIBUTION Helsinki Stock Exchange
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