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Stock exchange release – Published: 04.07.2007 16:00:00

Etteplan Oyj has today signed an agreement according to which the company       
acquired a majority stake in Swedish Gesab AB.

Gesab, established in 1985, and its' subsidiaries is one of the leading         
providers of industrial consultancy services, primarily within product          
development and industrial engineering mainly for the automotive, aerospace and 
household industries. The Gesab Group has offices in Gothenburg, Kalmar,        
Linköping, Trollhättan, Eskilstuna, Stockholm and Budapest, Hungary. Presently  
the number of employees amounts to 240 people.

In 2006 Gesab's consolidated revenue amounted to SEK 163.5 million and the      
consolidated operating profit to SEK 10.5 million. Gesab's total assets at 31   
December 2006 stood at SEK 53.3 million. During the past years Gesab's business 
operations have grown significantly with increasing profits as a result. The    
company is expected to grow and the profitability is expected to remain on good 
level also during 2007. 

At the time of the signing of the contract Etteplan buys 58.0% of the shares and
73.4% of the voting rights from the sellers which are the main owners of the    
company. The main owners have also negotiated conditions through which the minor
shareholders can accede to the contract in which case Etteplan's share of       
ownership could increase to 100%. The purchase price for 100% of the shares in  
Gesab AB will amount at the most to SEK 82 million. The definitive purchase     
price will depend on Gesab's equity position as per 30 June 2007 as well as the 
financial performance during 2007. The consideration will be paid in cash. The  
closing of the transaction is expected to take place in September.

Following closing of the transaction Gesab will become a part of Etteplan's     
Swedish operations. Gesab is planned to continue as its own entity within the   
Etteplan Group and to develop its business according to jointly developed       
strategies and direction.

According to Mr. Heikki Hornborg, the CEO of Etteplan the acquisition supports  
company's growth strategy in the Scandinavia. It further strengthens the group's
competence and market position especially as a supplier in the automotive and   
aerospace industries in the Nordic Countries. Gesab's operations significantly  
support the service to Etteplan's existing key customers and as a consequence of
the acquisition Etteplan can provide its customers significantly widened service
offering. In addition the transaction further strengthens the realization of    
synergies between Etteplan's Swedish companies. The number of Etteplan Group's  
personnel in Sweden increases as a consequence of the transaction to nearly 900 

For Gesab AB becoming a part of a larger design sector group provide better     
possibilities to carry out comprehensive design projects, to develop and widen  
the operations and to expand the client base. As a consequence of the           
transaction the company's position in the market will strengthen.               

Etteplan is one of the largest companies in the Nordic Countries providing      
industrial technology design and expert services. The company supplies          
high-quality services for its customers for production and product development  
processes. The core areas of expertise are mechanical engineering, automation   
design and information design as well as software development and electronics   
design. In 2006, revenue of Etteplan Group was EUR 101.7 million. After the     
transaction the Etteplan Group employs close to 2 000 persons in Finland,       
Sweden, Germany, Italy, China and Hungary.                                      

Hollola, 4 July, 2007                                                           

Etteplan Oyj                                                                    

Board of Directors                                                              

For additional information, contact:                                            
Etteplan Oyj, CEO Heikki Hornborg, tel. +358 400 873 063,                       
Executive Vice President Jukka Rausti, tel. +358 400 612 463 or                 
Gesab AB, Managing Director Janos Rakai, tel. +46 705 21 48 02                  

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