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Stock exchange release – Published: 27.02.2008 15:00:00

The Board of Directors of Etteplan Oyj has in its meeting held on 
17 December 2007 made a resolution upon disposal of company-held shares 
pursuant to the authorization granted to it by the Annual General Meeting 
of Shareholders' held on 29 March 2007. 

In accordance with the resolution it was accepted and resolved to realize the   
disposal of company-held shares in such way that a 30% share of ownership and   
corresponding share of voting right in Etteplan Technical Information Oy is     
bought from the management of the company using partly company-held own shares  
as remuneration. The 296,166 own shares have been disposed on 27 February 2008
when the purchase is realized.

Etteplan Oyj has published on January 16, 2008 an investor release of the       
increase in ownership in Etteplan Technical Information Oy from 70% to 100%. The
share purchase is realized according to the conditions in the share purchase    
agreement dated 3 October 2005.                                                 

After the disposal of company-held shares Etteplan Oyj holds 52 634 own shares. 

Hollola, 27 February 2008                                                       

Etteplan Oyj                                                                    

Board of Directors                                                              

For additional information, contact: CFO, VP Corporate Planning,                
Pia Björk, tel. +358 400 241 815.                                               

OMX Nordic Exchange Helsinki                                                    
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