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Stock exchange release – Published: 28.03.2008 18:00:00

ETTEPLAN OYJ TO ACQUIRE ITS OWN SHARES                                          

Etteplan Oyj's Board of Directors has in its meeting on March 28, 2008 decided  
to initiate a share buyback programme of own shares in accordance with the      
authorisation given to it at the Annual General Meeting on March 28, 2008. The  
number of acquired shares shall not exceed ten per cent (10%) of the Company's  
share capital and of the number of voting shares.                               

Shares will be bought back in public trading on the OMX Nordic Exchange Helsinki
for the market price quoted at the time of the buyback, as provided by the      
regulations on public trading of shares.                                        

In accordance with the authorisation, the shares may be acquired in order to be 
used as consideration in potential company acquisitions or in other structural  
arrangements. The shares may be used as well for carrying out company's
incentive scheme provided to the personnel. The acquired shares may be kept by
the company, invalidated or assigned onwards.

Due to the low average trading liquidity of the company's shares, the Board of  
Directors has decided, as per Article 5 clause 3 in EU Commission Regulation No 
2273/2003 to deviate from the procedures referred to in the Article 5 clause 2  
in such way that acquisition of the company's own shares may lead to a situation
where the volume being acquired exceeds 25% of the average daily trading volume,
but even in such cases, the deviation must not exceed 50 % of the average daily 
trading volume.                                                                 

The acquisition of company's own shares will start at the earliest in a week    
from the announcement of this Board of Director's decision.                     

Hollola, 28 March 2008                                                          

Etteplan Oyj                                                                    

Board of Directors                                                              

More information is available from                                              
Matti Hyytiäinen, President and CEO of Etteplan Oyj (tel. +358 400 710 968) or
Pia Björk, CFO and Vice President for Corporate Planning, 
at tel. +358 400 241 815 

OMX Nordic Exchange Helsinki                                                    
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