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Press release – Published: 22.04.2010 10:00:00


Etteplan has signed an extensive cooperation contract with Plumettaz S.A. that  
makes Etteplan a primary global supplier of engineering services in product     
development projects and delivery projects for Plumettaz. In addition, the      
contract covers development of Plumettaz's engineering operations and           
engineering process management.                                                 

The cooperation contract was signed in April and first assignments related to   
cooperation contract were completed in record time. The first localization      
project has already been done in China. Cooperation with Etteplan in delivery   
projects and operation development has also commenced in Europe. Etteplan       
supplies Plumettaz engineering services to Switzerland and China from Etteplan's
units in Finland and China.                                                     

Plumettaz chose Etteplan to be its partner because Etteplan can offer a         
productized service model that effectively helps to support the transfer of     
product's manufacturing to China.                                               

Plumettaz S.A. is a privatively held Swiss company. Its main product areas are  
cable laying products, tailor made products and suspended access equipments.    
Plumettaz operates in Europe, Asia and America and has offices in Switzerland,  
Germany, China and United States.                                               

Hollola, April 22, 2010  

Etteplan Oyj                                                       

Group Communications                                                            

Additional information:                                                         
Juha Näkki, Vice President, Etteplan Engineering, tel. +358 400 606 372         

Outi-Maria Liedes, Vice President, HR & Communications, tel. +358 40 756 9620   

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Etteplan is a specialist in industrial equipment engineering and technical      
product information solutions and services. Our customers are global leaders in 
their fields and operate in areas like the automotive, aerospace and defence    
industries as well as the electricity generation and power transmission sectors,
and material flow management.                                                   

Etteplan has comprehensive competence in electronics and embedded systems       
development, automation and electrical design, mechanical design and technical  
product information solutions and services.                                     

Etteplan's strength lies in its highly skilled employees who, being located near
to the customers, are able to develop close, long term business relationships.  
We implement solutions globally according to customer needs.                    

In 2009, Etteplan had turnover of EUR 98.7 million. Etteplan's shares are listed
on NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Ltd under the ETT1V ticker.