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Etteplan chosen as Vacon’s main partner in technical product information

Press release – Published: 29.08.2012 9:00:00

Vacon Plc, a Finnish company specialized in the design and manufacture of AC drives, is transferring a considerable part of the production and development of its technical product information over to Etteplan Oyj. Etteplan is one of the largest and most advanced companies in Europe specializing in the methods, products and services surrounding technical product information. Etteplan’s Managed Service will be supplied to Vacon from the company’s offices in Finland and China.

“Technical product information is an essential part of our products and services, which makes it an important development area in our company. Etteplan has the market’s most advanced technical product information solutions, and these will help us to stand out in the markets and meet our customers’ highest quality and security standards, ” says Heikki Hiltunen, Executive Vice President of Market Operations at Vacon.

Vacon’s technical documentation will make use of Simplified Technical English (STE) and Simplified Technical Illustrations (STI), two of the leading methods of documentation in producing standardized texts and illustrations. The use of STE results in clear and easy-to-understand technical texts. Illustrations using the STI method are re-usable, which increases the opportunities for using these versatile illustrations in a variety of materials. Thanks to these two methods, the quality and re-usability of technical texts improve, while the reduced volume of text results in decreased printing, translation and other production costs.

Technical product information refers to documentation produced for all stages of the life cycle of a device, such as installation guides, spare parts catalogues, and instruction booklets and training material. Technical product information has a significant impact on how the end-user experiences the device and on product safety.

For additional information, please contact:

Petri Ikonen
Vice President, Technical Product Information
Etteplan Oyj
Tel. +358 50 386 7253

Outi-Maria Liedes
SVP, Communications & Operational Development
Etteplan Oyj
Tel. +358 40 756 9620

Etteplan provides engineering services and technical product information solutions to global industrial equipment manufacturers. Etteplan is specialized in improving the efficiency of engineering and product development processes as well as improving the competitiveness of products in all stages of the product life cycle. The results of the innovativeness and technical competence of our experts can be seen in numerous industrial solutions and everyday equipment. 

Etteplan is one of the leading engineering companies in the Nordic countries and the biggest and oldest Nordic service provider in China. Etteplan’s engineering units in China provide cost-efficient and high-quality engineering services and technical product information solutions to local and global companies.

Etteplan is a Finnish public company employing some 1, 800 experts in Finland, Sweden, Holland and China. In 2011, Etteplan had turnover of EUR 119.4 million. Etteplan’s shares are listed on NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Ltd under the ETT1V ticker.