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Etteplan releases service product to support service and maintenance business – Etteplan SIS

News – Published: 13.11.2013 9:30:00

• Up to 25% reduction in service time thanks to fast access to up-to-date technical product information 
• Up to 60% cost savings in creating maintenance, repair and operations information 
• Up to 40% decrease in word count resulting in cost savings in translation and localization

When a product or machine becomes defective, the downtime costs for repair and lost output are very high. Accurate service information, quick access to service procedures and technical information and easy ordering of spare parts are key in minimizing costly downtime.

Etteplan releases  Etteplan SIS  (Service Information System) content creation and publishing service and  HyperSIS  software to help customers improve the efficiency of service business. The service is targeted at any service organization aiming at high quality and efficiency when operating, maintaining and servicing products. 

The service integrates all technical content including, technical documentation, illustrations and spare part information during the life cycle of a product. The information can be distributed and accessed via a visual and interactive mobile interface or via traditional distribution methods such as PDF’s and paper prints.

The value of the service is based on high-quality and up-to-date technical content which result in improved service process efficiency and reduced costs. In addition the service ensures that the customer’s technical product information meets the highest safety and quality requirements. 

Etteplan SIS as Managed Service

Etteplan SIS changes the way how service information is presented to customers, service personnel and dealers. It provides one access point to all service information speeding up user’s access to technical information regardless of his/her whereabouts. 

Etteplan SIS is provided as a Managed Service and covers all phases, processes and tools to create, manage and publish service information. 

Etteplan’s service is based on the proven methods of:

• Simplified Technical English (STE) for clarity, consistency and reduction of the (English) source text. 
• Simplified Technical Illustrations (STI) to achieve single sourcing of high-quality (3D and 2D) and interactive illustrations. 
• Single Sourcing to maximize reusability of content 
• Topic-based authoring for consistent structure and content element coding.

The methods ensure clear and unambiguous technical texts and illustrations that meet the highest quality requirements. 

HyperSIS Application

Hyper SIS is a software application for distributing and accessing technical information via a tablet or PC. With HyperSIS service engineers can access all relevant service information and perform maintenance tasks quickly and efficiently on the spot. 

Example of Use Case

When a service engineer is called for a maintenance task he opens the HyperSIS application on his tablet and scans the QR code of a machine with the tablet camera.

All necessary information appears on the tablet guiding the engineer to easily troubleshoot the defect. 

Thanks to the visual and interactive 3D illustrations, all relevant information can be found quickly. Furthermore maintenance procedures and instructions are presented in a clear and visual way including animations. 

The user can also order spare parts directly from the HyperSIS application to minimize the lead time of the service task and the arrival of spare parts.

For more information on Etteplan SIS services, please contact: 

Global – Petri Ikonen; 
Sweden – Malin Siberg; 
The Netherlands – Berry Braster; 
Finland – Jukka Toimela; 
China – Winni Liu;