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Etteplan releases a new service product: Etteplan DRAW

News – Published: 20.01.2014 13:24:00

Etteplan launches  Etteplan DRAW , a service to produce cost-efficient manufacturing drawings of highest quality. The goal of the service is to help manufacturing companies achieve considerable cost-savings and accelerated time to market thanks to Etteplan’s proven processes and delivery models.

Etteplan DRAW offers customers improved flexibility and efficiency in the engineering organization. Precise manufacturing drawings require special expertise and they can be rather time consuming. By outsourcing the manufacturing drawings to Etteplan, the customer is able to focus on critical product engineering and design activities. 

The value of Etteplan DRAW is based on Etteplan’s profound expertise in engineering design and manufacturing technologies. Etteplan’s proven offshoring model can provide up to 30% cost savings in manufacturing drawings.

Contact Information

For more information on Etteplan DRAW services,  please contact: 

Finland: Juha Nieminen, tel. + 358 103 072 075 or e-mail: 
Sweden: Eric Tengstrand, tel. + 46 70 757 7440 or e-mail: 
China: Star Chang, tel. + 86 5125 768 9999 or email: