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Remaking engineering services – Etteplan in Germany

News – Published: 28.11.2016 8:26:00

Etteplan services are based on in-depth and versatile understanding of engineering requirements for industrial machinery in various industries. In short, the company helps its customers fulfil their technology visions. For example, Volvo is relaying on Etteplan’s climate technology expertise and Boeing on Etteplan’s high-quality technical documentation services.

More and more companies are today outsourcing engineering and technical documentation to engineering services companies. There is a clear business case for doing so. Investing in competence development in-house is expensive and takes time. In addition, the job market for engineers is highly competitive.

– In Germany there is a huge demand for engineers with top-notch expertise and we can help. We have developed a unique service concept, which meets the needs of equipment and machinery manufacturers in today’s unstable and competitive market environment,   Petri Ikonen, SVP Etteplan Technical Documentation Services  says.

Unparalleled service portfolio

– Etteplan’s service concept is based on high-value added Managed Services. In practice, the company utilizes its expertise in over 50 sites to meet the customer’s needs in design engineering, embedded systems & IoT and technical documentation. 

The range of our services combined with our service concept is unique in the industry. We can help customers in any design engineering, digitalization or technical documentation challenge. On top of that we ensure that the customer gets the service in the most cost-efficient way, concludes Petri Ikonen. 

Does your business need more muscles?

Michael Bauer, Area Manager for Etteplan Germany , reminds that Etteplan is not available only for global companies but also for the SMEs, which don´t necessarily have the capacity to invest in setting up their own engineering or technical documentation organization. – We can help our customers get extra muscles to their projects without having to fight for experts with bigger companies. 

Co-operation with Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance in Germany

One great example of how Etteplan utilizes its global pool of expertise is the order from the German Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance (Part of the Federal Ministry of Interior). Etteplan’s task was to deliver measurement equipment and upgrade-packages of the measurement system used in CBRN-exploration vehicles to detect hazardous air particles, Ikonen explains.

According to Bauer the software development work was delivered by Etteplan’s experts in Sweden whereas the German units delivered the integration of the new measurement equipment, the technical documentation, hardware and software, the logistics of the upgrade packages, installation, support and training. – This project is a great proof of the quality of our experts’ work, and competence as well as our company’s ability to meet the needs of the most demanding customers, he concludes.

Text: Mia Heiskanen