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Etteplan’s Ulla Kulju is dreaming Dreaming BIG

News – Published: 26.04.2017 15:52:00

Etteplan’s employee Ulla Kulju had a dream: to have a motor bike and enjoy riding it fast. This may seem a reasonable dream unless you are bound to a wheelchair: Ulla was paralyzed after a snow board accident when she was 15.

Ulla got her motor bike, which she, being an engineer, partially designed by herself. But it seems this was only the beginning…

In December last year Ulla got a phone call from Italy. She did not know the person who was calling, nor did she immediately understand what the call was all about. Only with a delay did she realize that she had been invited to participate as the first female motorist on The International Handisport Motorcycle Event. The race will be organized on the same weekend as the legendary French Le Mans Moto GP with some 100, 000 people in the audience.

Everyone who knows Ulla’s story and her personality knows that the accident plays the least role in her life – or should we even say: it has taught her to be the Ulla that she was meant to be: positive, fearless and dreaming BIG. For her everything is possible and most importantly she is living her dream.

Etteplan is supporting and sponsoring Ulla’s journey to the Le Mans competition and her other races and we have the great opportunity to follow her in the front row.

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