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Etteplan and KONE celebrate their 20-year strategic partnership

News – Published: 24.04.2019 11:00:00

Etteplan’s and KONE’s strategic partnership began in 1999 when KONE outsourced part of its engineering to Etteplan. The joint venture established for the collaboration, Konette Design Center Oy, was later fully merged with the Etteplan Group.

Over two decades, the cooperation has become global, covering all of Etteplan’s engineering areas from machine and equipment design to electronic and software engineering, IoT solutions and the technical documentation of products. A few hundred Etteplan employees work on KONE projects around the world each year. KONE has conferred the Global Partner status on Etteplan.

“Etteplan has comprehensive expertise and experience of KONE’s products. This strength has developed as a result of our long and close collaboration, ” says KONE’s Sourcing Category Manager, Timo Palmu .

Services from China and Europe

Currently, Etteplan produces services for KONE in Finland, China and Poland where software and automation testing and IoT solutions are carried out. In China, Etteplan has produced engineering services and technical documentation solutions for KONE since 2005.

China is KONE’s largest single market, which is why the procurement focus for many materials and services has been systematically transferred to China, close to the customer. The services produced by Etteplan in China serve not only the local operations but also KONE’s Finnish operations. “Etteplan’s ability to supply high-quality services from China has made a huge difference to KONE’s Chinese and Finnish operations, ” says Timo Palmu.

Etteplan’s engineering unit in China is in charge of, among other things, the 24/7 KONE Remote Monitoring call-out service. When a fault occurs in one of KONE’s elevators anywhere in the world, Etteplan offers its expertise from China, Finland or Poland to identify the fault.

Partnership expands in Managed Services

KONE and Etteplan are looking to achieve closer cooperation in the future through solution-driven service models in which Etteplan will have the overall responsibility for producing services for KONE.

“In the future, our collaboration will develop and grow, especially in comprehensive engineering solutions, i.e. Managed Services. This requires seamless teamwork between Etteplan’s units, regardless of the country. We have always been able to rely on Etteplan’s engineering quality and their commitment to improving our partnership, ” says Palmu.

“Etteplan’s and KONE’s extensive shared history has created a strong foundation for a strategic partnership, developing the collaboration and genuinely serving both businesses. We are proud of our shared achievements and of the fact that we get to serve KONE through new and improved service models, ” says Jyri Pirttimäki , Etteplan’s Global Key Account Manager for the KONE account.

For more information:

Jyri Pirttimäki
Global Key Account Manager for KONE
Tel: +358 10 307 2090