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Software Driven Automation

Welcome to Software Driven Automation (SDA), where we harness the power of the best software methods and tools to revolutionize the world of automation. In response to the increasing threats in cybersecurity, component shortage, and vendor traps SDA offers a solution that is adaptable, efficient, and future-proof.

From traditional hardware-centric to a modern software driven approach

Unlike traditional automation systems that are hardware-defined and rely on a single device to dictate the entire ecosystem, SDA embraces open systems and allows you to choose software that can be used on any hardware. This shift from hardware-centricity to software-centricity brings immense benefits to your automation development process.

SDA tackles the challenges posed by impending regulations and cybersecurity risks head-on. By ensuring that the chosen technology meets future requirements, both on a technical and methodological level, SDA empowers industrial players to avoid being locked into a single vendor. This vendor agnosticism not only mitigates risks and reduces costs but also enhances long-term quality, efficiency, and resilience.

One of the critical advantages of SDA is its agnosticism, which reduces dependency, cuts costs, and improves quality in the long run. Additionally, it offers risk management, traceability, and the ability to continue development without disruption.

SDA provides an open Linux platform that is highly customizable to meet your specific needs by leveraging modern software tools and methods. An open system also ensures seamless maintenance of your system, allowing you to adapt and optimize your automation processes with ease.

With a growing pool of software experts, SDA bridges the competency gap between software and automation professionals, ensuring that you have access to the right expertise for successful implementation.

Experience the benefits of software-driven automation today. Embrace agnosticism, reduce risks, increase efficiency, and enjoy the cost savings that SDA brings. Join us as we revolutionize the automation landscape with the power of software.

Hardware agnostic

SDA removes dependencies to hardware ecosystems. Software drives the development.


SDA enables better risk management, traceability, and maintenance.


With open Linux platform, modern software tools and methods allow for customizable systems based on your spesific needs.

Solutions for SDA

SDA relies on an open platform to enable the use of modern software tools and methods. Here are a few examples of solutions that utilize the principals of SDA. Click on the arrows to learn more!

Competences we provide for SDA

Extended Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)
Model-Based Design (MBD), modelling, and simulation
Modern software development tools and methods
Current state assessment and development plan
Simplifying and increasing developer productivity
Implementation projects for product owners

How Etteplan can help you achieve Software Driven Automation

At Etteplan, we understand the challenges faced by product owners, machine manufacturers, and component manufacturers when it comes to adopting software driven automation (SDA). As a leading integration and R&D partner, we are committed to helping our customers seamlessly integrate open platforms into their operations, develop open platform solutions, and integrate components into open platforms. Click on the arrow to learn more!

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