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A truly collaborative brand renewal: behind the new-look Etteplan

I am thrilled to share the story behind our brand renewal, a transformative journey embarked upon to reflect the evolution of Etteplan as a company and to fuel our ambitious growth strategy.

Throughout the years, we have transformed from a traditional Finnish engineering company into a global, technology service company. Our brand, however, had not reflected this change in our identity. To resolve this mismatch, the first thing we did was establish a shared understanding of what it is like to work at Etteplan. What connects the people working here and what do they value? What drives us as individuals and teams? How do we create value for our customers? The answers to these questions are directly reflected in our new values: we are forward focused, we are bold thinkers, and we are smarter together.

We arrived at these values by gathering feedback from our employees and listening to their thoughts and feelings about working here. These values also formed the foundation for our visual identity. Etteplan’s new look is not just an aesthetic shift; it also speaks to a cultural evolution. It empowers employees as leading experts in the technology services landscape.

As we begin the next chapter of our journey, the renewed brand serves as a compass, guiding us toward a future of collaboration, innovation, and positive impact. On behalf of the entire project team, I want to thank everyone who participated in the renewal and invite you all to explore our new identity.

Read more about our brand renewal in Etteplan's Annual Report 2023

Etteplan’s Annual Report 2023 has been published