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Albert Kołakowski: Given the opportunity to challenge myself and try something new

Albert Kołakowski started at Etteplan in 2019 as a machine builder in Wrocław, Poland. After a few months, he had the opportunity to prove himself as a test leader, but felt it was not for him. He needed a change. Privately, however, he was learning to build web applications. "I started programming by writing pro-simple macros to automate the builder's work. I liked it enough that I decided to do something more useful," Albert recounts. 

Albert was drawn to programming when he heard that there was an opportunity to try himself as a programmer at Etteplan. ” If it turned out that I was not suitable for programming, I could easily go back to doing what I was good at.” After a year, Albert is already proficient at building a front end in a project for a company in the banking sector in his new role as a Software Design Engineer

”Programming gives me a lot of satisfaction. I can see if the implemented solutions work right away, it is something completely different than in mechanics, it does not take months to build a prototype - we have feedback right away. That's the best thing about programming for me, that you can see right away if something works or not." 

At Etteplan, Albert appreciates the opportunity to prove himself in separate roles.  

“It's not only different projects within the scope of one specialty, but, as my example shows, also changes between departments (industries).” 

“I had an excellent opportunity to find the perfect job for myself. I am incredibly happy with how my path at Etteplan has turned out." 

Albert is not the only employee who has re-branded himself while working at Etteplan.