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Antti Varis: Building it better than ever

Antti Varis is a Senior Electronics Design Engineer based in Espoo, Finland. Currently acting as the Lead Engineer for a project that has been the focus of his work for the best of the last two years. The team consists of the Project Manager, a few hardware and software engineers from Finland and software engineers from Poland.  

Antti finds the project itself incredibly rewarding, in the field of Medical Technology the project focuses on a Blood Analysis Tester that has been designed by Etteplan 10+ years ago and is now time to renew the design. Having worked on the new design for a couple of years it is rewarding to see the product coming to its final stages. COVID-19 had restricted the team's ability to meet face to face, but more recently parts of the team have been able to meet face-to-face in cases that requires them to do so. Even as an international team, Antti says that so far it has been working well. 

What makes Antti excited about his work is the diversity of tasks and roles, no two days are the same. His daily work includes documentation, schematic work, all kinds of hardware, including electronics, related to the projects. According to Antti, the best part about his job is trying new things,

“I have been able to do some work with new technologies, new processors, displays, cameras, some software and hardware mechanics – All around electronics and product development.” 

Four years ago, Antti joined Etteplan and since then has been able to combine his interest in electronics with his career. “I have been working on lots of different projects such as industrial, consumer electronics, and now my current project with medical electronics.”  

What keeps someone like Antti motivated? “I think it’s that I can work on a variety of projects and learn. I can work with hardware, so I can get my hands dirty so to say. I also have some desk work and anything in between. You can try anything if that’s what you want – not so boring I would say.” 

Outside of work, Antti can be found enjoying the summer at the waterfront fishing in the sea. This, for Antti, is a good balance. 

For someone just starting their career at Etteplan, Antti’s advice is, “Be involved in different projects if possible, and keep motivated in what you do. Can’t say it any better than that.” 

“I would say this is the perfect place to be if you are interested in things like product development, software, embedded systems, electronics, or hardware. So, I think this is a wonderful place to work.”