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Bartosz Hornicki: A Friendly and Personalized Work Environment 

Bartosz Hornicki works as a Software Design Engineer at Etteplan Poland in Wrocław. He develops software for engine controllers in the Embedded Software project.

During his studies at Wrocław University of Science and Technology, Bartosz found an internship opportunity at Etteplan. "I was interested in the scope of responsibilities and the fact that I worked on real tasks," Bartek recalls. After completing the internship, he was hired as an employee. At the beginning of his career, the pandemic hit and everyone switched to remote work. Bartek easily adapted to the circumstances. He had daily online meetings with other team members, where they discussed projects and searched for solutions. Now he appears more frequently in the office but manages his time well and adapts to the hybrid mode.

Recently, Bartosz has been involved in tasks related to Continuous Integration (CI), which allowed him to better understand the work organization process and collaborate with his supervisor Christopher. Through conducting meetings and getting involved in various aspects of the project, Bartosz gains valuable experience and develops management skills.

One of the greatest benefits of working at Etteplan are business trips to Switzerland. "During these trips, I have a chance to get to know members of the project team better. We also spend time outside the office together playing board games or going out into town," says Bartek. He also appreciates the friendly atmosphere in the office. "We freely talk about various topics, even unusual ones like gemstones or cooking. The kitchen is filled with personal items. Recently, I pinned a photo of Makłowicz there," laughs Bartek.