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Di­gi­ta­li­se­rings­kon­sul­terna in Sweden brings experts to work together for climate action


To tackle the climate crisis, the Swedish government convened 23 industry sectors, each tasked with developing a roadmap for achieving a fossil-free Sweden. In response, technology consulting companies in Sweden, including Etteplan and its competitors, came together to form the industry association Digitaliseringskonsulterna (DK (Consultants for Digitalization in English). The group focuses on digitalization consulting.

Remarkably, despite being competitors, these companies worked collaboratively not only to create the roadmap but also to continue their collaboration. They generously contributed resources to jointly develop sustainability eLearning materials, recognizing the urgency of the climate crisis.


The aim is for all member companies within IT, change management, and change development sectors to have access to this eLearning platform. Having been available to all employees based in Sweden, the hope is that it will eventually be opened up to other Etteplanians. By working together with government bodies and private enterprises, Etteplan seeks to integrate digitalization into climate action efforts and have a positive impact on reducing emissions.

Our involvement in DK extends beyond being a member company. Johan Jerner Gransten and Yanick Meunier represent Etteplan in DK, with Yanick serving as a board member responsible for social media, website management, and communications. This opportunity provides Etteplan with access to valuable tools, resources, and networking


Active participation in DK demonstrates Etteplan’s commitment to helping customers navigate climate challenges through impactful digital projects while acknowledging potential negative consequences. One ongoing project focuses on calculating negative environmental impacts, allowing companies to make informed decisions before embarking on any new initiatives.

As an association, DK invites all companies to join its efforts, serving as a platform for practical discussions, setting standards, and building networks. A notable example of DK’s impact is a project sold to the municipality of Gothenburg involving combined bus tickets and parking tickets. This project highlights the value we place on being a part of DK and the reasons behind our participation.

Moving forward, we aim to develop a concrete offering that emphasizes digitalization as an enabler for sustainable solutions. A key priority is defining criteria for customers relevant to digitalization projects that focus on reducing emissions.

As a member of DK, participation involves a reciprocal exchange within a competitive network. The eLearning project exemplifies how competitors can come together to achieve shared goals. We recognize the importance of creating opportunities to sell sustainability solutions while equipping employees with the necessary knowledge to assist customers effectively.

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