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Gunnar Prieditis: Fulfilling life-long career goals

Gunnar Prieditis started working at Etteplan in 2004 as Sales & Project Manager when Etteplan acquired his Engineering company called Timatec in Karlstad, Sweden. At that time, they were three partners who ran the company. “All three of us have, or will work at Etteplan until our retirement, which should be proof of what a good company Etteplan really is, and I personally think it has been a great place to develop my skills,” Gunnar says. 

At the beginning of his career Gunnar worked as a Mechanical Engineer for many different customers, with all types of products which he thought to be very instructive and inspiring. “As time went on and I gained more experience, I got the opportunity to improve my skills also in project management. Since then, I have been a Project Manager for many interesting and challenging projects of various sizes. The latest and biggest one being a packaging line that our very skilled project team delivered to a well-known Swedish company in 2019” Gunnar explains. 

Gunnar says that he also got the opportunity to take courses in sales, which helps him in his daily work. 

“In my daily work with sales, I have a great help from my experience as a Mechanical Engineer when it comes to understanding the customer’s needs and challenges."

"If you are interested in developing professionally and if you like challenges; it is very inspiring to work as a consultant at Etteplan. Here you have the opportunity to get the support you want to fulfill your career goals.”

Family is very important to Gunnar. He has been married to his wife for over 30 years and he happily looks back to the beginning of their love story starting from a skiing trip in Austria. Now he enjoys spending time with his three daughters and three grandchildren.   

In his spare time Gunnar also has a lot of other interests. He has, for example, spent a lot of time in the family camper packed with mountain bikes and kayaks before they go out and explore different places. 

“We also like to spend time on the beautiful and magical lake Vänern together with our friends during beautiful summer days and evenings after work. During early spring and late autumn, I also like to turn our boat into a fishing boat and go out on Vänern for some trolling of salmon and trout, with varying degrees of success. A wise person once said that “a fisherman´s best friend is patience,” says Gunnar and laughs. 

During the winter season, he still spends a lot of time skiing both downhill and cross country. Lastly, Gunnar would like to share that he is convinced that an active and healthy leisure time gives a lot of energy back to work and career. A true testament to the Etteplan work life balance.