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Jacob Bergvall: Leaving the office with a good feeling

Jacob Bergvall’s story: why he joined Etteplan, and why he is still there 4 years later. In the spring of 2017, Jacob was almost done with his master’s thesis at the University of Linköping and he started looking for interesting companies to work for: “I went to many corporate events that all started with a cool PowerPoint presentation and ended with free pizza”, Jacob laughs,” during one of these events, I met an old friend who told me to contact Etteplan because he had visited them and said that he got a good feeling afterwards.“ Jacob did not need more convincing, so he sent an email, got a response within 1 hour and went to Etteplan’s Linköping office the next day. 

There he met one of the managers who introduced the company to him but mostly she just wanted to know what Jacob wanted to do in the future. They had a really good conversation, and he also met a few other people that seemed genuinely curious about him and his plans. Jacob left the office with a good feeling, just like his friend who recommended him to contact Etteplan. Within a few weeks, Jacob signed the contract and walked into the office again wondering if that friendly atmosphere would still be there. It took Jacob 5 seconds to realize that this workplace was filled with friendly colleagues that enjoyed being at work. 

At first he started working in the field of Software Development with a plan to someday become a Project Manager. During the past 4 years this transformation from development to management has happened gradually. 

“It is challenging to go from one role to another, but I have always felt the support from my colleagues which is making it easier...

No matter how simple or complex the issue is, I can always ask my colleagues for help”, Jacob says even now as a Team Leader and Project Manager.  

Jacob knows that his colleagues enjoy helping him just like he likes to help others in any way that he can. To be a part of a team where everyone supports each other and where there really are no stupid questions are just a couple of the reasons why Jacob still leaves the office with a good feeling, 4 years later.