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Jens Struckmann: Just be yourself

Jens Struckmann started as a working student at our Dortmund site, which at the time was still part of cognitas, a company that was acquired by Etteplan in 2022.

He was very satisfied with the development of the company and wanted to see how things would continue, so he started as a technical editor in Dortmund. Later in 2022, it became apparent that the position of Group Manager would become vacant.

As Jens likes to plan, organize and take responsibility, he applied for this position and is now Group Manager in the ME1 Technical Communication Solutions department.

In this role, he and his team work on and create documentation for machines in the beverage industry as well as for another customer for machining centers. His team is made up of very different characters, which has resulted in a very diverse portfolio of strengths. Nevertheless, his team is characterized by cohesion. If something goes wrong with an individual, he can count on the help of his team.

"I'm very proud of my time, and grateful to be the team leader of the ME1 team!" He adds proudly.

In the last two years, he has experienced a lot and gained a great deal of experience. During this time, his colleagues and superiors have always been at his side. Especially during his time as Group Manager, he was supported through workshops and was given tools and advice to better develop his role.

"It's great to have an employer that values the qualifications of its employees and their development."

Jens Struckmann

He was particularly influenced by a workshop in Stuttgart. There he had the opportunity to get to know colleagues with whom he has less contact in his day-to-day work.

The most interesting project was and still is the switch to Maconomy for Ex-Cognitas. This in-volved transferring an existing process from an old system to a new, external system. Overcoming hurdles together with a new team and at the same time getting to know new characters across Etteplan made this project something very special for him.

"The lessons learned are worth their weight in gold and I've picked up a few best practices," he adds with a grin.

In his free time, Jens likes to be sporty. He is at home between his racing bike, climbing harness and tent. He enjoys adventures and is not afraid to spend time in the great outdoors. He also quickly becomes enthusiastic about technology, which is why he has already spent a day or two in technology museums.

He benefits from this at Etteplan. The opportunity to work from home saves him having to travel to and from the office. There are also frequent sporting events such as the Venloop or the B2Run.

He also likes the international nature of Etteplan. The fact that the company is represented in many countries gives you the opportunity to get to know a wide variety of characters.

He finds the corporate culture to be very open and helpful. "You are appreciated a lot and have the opportunity to prove yourself," he notes.

Jens is satisfied with his employer and his current role in the company and would like to continue learning and growing in his tasks in the future.