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Milja Booij Liewers: resilient and ready to take on new challenges

Milja Booij Liewers is a senior technical information specialist, based in the Eindhoven office in the South of the Netherlands. In her role, Milja's day-to-day includes technical authoring and occasionally consulting via secondment (often referred to as a 'job rotation'). “I work with the quality team, provide STE training for new colleagues, and help with internal and external communication.” Since the pandemic, Milja feels that the online environment has also created opportunities to connect with an even wider pool of colleagues.
One of the important aspects of her happiness at work is the ability to evolve,
“I am proud to work for this global company that has a focus on growth, professional expertise, and quality. Never a dull moment while creating content for a wide range of machinery. Inspiring projects, complex machines, communicating with customers… Many challenges for those who thrive in turbulence, and many steady tasks for those who like to have an overview and clear frames.”

“Etteplan saw opportunities in me and offered me a job. A happy day that I will never forget!” Milja started off her career at Etteplan Translation Services, followed by authoring and working her way up to being a senior technical information specialist. 

Milja is encouraged to be open and clear about what she wants and what she is aiming for,

Etteplan is a healthy company, fearless, with clear goals and therefore can provide many opportunities.

At her secondment, Milja worked with people from multiple areas of expertise, “Every expertise added value to the project, and I found it inspiring.” The challenge was to effectively join all forces to ensure efficient progress and quality results. “For me, this secondment was an opportunity to learn about S1000D, which is of increasing interest to the defense industry.” She also looks forward to continuing her work with content creation, increasing quality, and training or coaching junior authors, combined with secondment experience. Working at the office of our customers yields a lot of new experiences, enhances knowledge, and the opportunity to be an ambassador for Etteplan. They are working at the forefront of technical communication technological developments, a wide variety of subjects, and contributing to high-quality technical information. With Etteplan as a service partner, the end-user can work safely and efficiently, and the manufacturer can focus on the core business.
Milja is committed to making continuous improvements while collaborating with the Work Council. “I wish the best for all employees and for Etteplan to continue to be a respected and attractive service partner and employer.”  

In her free time, Milja enjoys getting creative with clothes and fabrics and finding ‘treasures’ at flea markets. “I am also excited to pick up some more of my flamenco dancing lessons that I had to pause because of secondment. I realize I need many more :)” Etteplan understood when Milja expressed her wishes for weekly working hours, working days, and the work itself.
“We have achieved a balance in private life and working times, and a happier Milja.”