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Paweł Bandoła: 5 years of developing in Etteplan 

Five years ago Paweł Bandoła began his journey at Etteplan. His professional adventure, filled with challenges, flexibility, and continuous growth, is an inspiring story for all those striving for excellence in their field. 

Paweł has connected and continues to connect various engineering roles—from Mechanical Engineer to Functional Safety Engineer and Quality Representative. This ability to manage multiple tasks and responsibilities simultaneously not only speaks to his exceptional organizational skills but also reflects a deep understanding of the complexity of engineering projects. 

Challenges and Stepping Out of the Comfort Zone

Paweł acknowledges that his career at Etteplan has been a continuous series of challenges and the need to step out of his comfort zone. “It started with transitioning from the role of a Mechanical Engineer to an entirely different area of work. It wasn’t easy, but through determination and a willingness to learn, I gained valuable experience,” says Paweł. A pivotal moment in his career was realizing that fear can be useful as long as it doesn’t paralyze a person and hinder action. “In life, we must be flexible. That’s how we overcome problems. Instead of standing still, we take another step forward. That’s what growth is all about,” emphasizes Paweł. 

Flexibility in Action

Throughout his career, Paweł followed advice he found incredibly valuable. One such piece of advice, passed on by a professor, was about not fearing the “new.” “Today, you may know very little about a particular topic, but in a month or two, you’ll be able to discuss technical issues for hours,” adds Paweł. 

The Aptiv Project and the Pursuit of Excellence

Paweł spent the longest time working on the Aptiv project, where he focused on functional safety and DFMEA (Design Failure Mode and Effects Analysis) for software components of the Body Control Module (BCM). His dedication to the project expanded his knowledge, which translated into client appreciation—two years of collaboration and positive feedback. “My goal is for clients to be satisfied with the results of my work. Working with clients based on dialogue and good cooperation allows us to achieve even more.”