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Sanne de Laat: Part-Time Technical Illustrator, Part-Time Competitive Archer, Full-Time Awesome

Sanne works as a part-time Technical Illustrator while also competing in archery on a global level. With the support of Etteplan as her sponsor, she gets to take part in more international competitions and showcase her skills to the world.

Sanne joined the Etteplan team about a year ago, following in her mother's footsteps as she has been working at Etteplan for over 12 years. Previously, Sanne worked as a graphical designer for seven years, which equipped her with extensive knowledge of design programs and tools. Although slightly less technical than her earlier role, being a technical illustrator allows Sanne to combine her artistic ability with an understanding of various programs and client requirements.

She enjoys the challenge of adapting her illustrations to fit each client's unique style and preferences. Variety keeps things interesting and allows her creativity to shine.

However, when she's not busy illustrating technical concepts or collaborating with clients, Sanne dedicates herself to archery. Sanne is passionate about this sport and trains extensively to compete at an elite level "I remember when I tried it out for the first time, I was immediately in love with it." To accommodate her rigorous training schedule, she works four days a week with nearly full-time hours.

It all started when her uncle introduced her to the sport. Intrigued by its unique combination of skill and precision, she decided to give it a try. During her first visit to an archery range, she instantly fell in love with the sport. Sanne explains that competitions typically begin with a qualification round consisting of 72 arrows. The round is divided into six sets of 6 arrows each, with short breaks in between. Once the qualification scores are tallied, competitors continue individual matches based on their rankings.

Sanne's dedication to archery has paid off already this year as she secured a ticket to the European Games—an impressive accomplishment! While pursuing her passion for archery is demanding and time-consuming, Sanne finds balance by dedicating herself to her work at Etteplan.

As a technical illustrator at Etteplan, Sanne is still relatively new to the role but eager to learn and grow within it. She appreciates the opportunity to work with various clients and expand her skills beyond graphic design. The supportive environment at Etteplan allows her colleagues to share tips and tricks that make her work even more efficient—an asset when juggling multiple responsibilities.

Looking ahead, Sanne hopes to delve deeper into 3D programs and 3D building—an exciting prospect for someone with such an artistic eye. "I admire that everyone is so open to sharing, I'm really using all the information and tips that I get. I'm really liking it."

Sanne de Laat truly embodies what it means to be part-time technical illustrator and part-time competitive archer—she effortlessly balances both worlds while excelling in each one. Her story serves as an inspiration to all of us, showing that pursuing our passions alongside our careers is not only possible but can lead to remarkable achievements.

Through Etteplan’s sponsorship and encouragement, Sanne has been able to shine on the international stage and make her mark both as a technical illustrator and as a competitive archer.