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Tadeusz Jurkiewicz and Szymon Bigos: Celebrating ten years at Etteplan

Today we would like to share the story of two exceptional Etteplan employees from the Embedded Software and Hardware Business Unit (EBU) in Poland who are celebrating their 10-year anniversaries. Tadeusz Jurkiewicz and Szymon Bigos, both Software Specialists and self-described introverts, have been great contributors to the success of our company and have grown tremendously over the years both as people and as professionals.  

Tadeusz Jurkiewicz  

Tadeusz, affectionately nicknamed 'Spider' by his colleagues, is a true Etteplan veteran. For ten years, he has not only gained experience but has also made company history.  

"I don't know how it flew by so quickly," says Tadeusz with a smile on his face. 

His work has mainly been focused on projects for ABB. The moment he joined, he was put straight into a new project. With experts and experienced people around him, as a junior employee he had the opportunity to learn from the best. 

During the pandemic, Tadeusz worked for Nokia and then returned to ABB. Although he does not have a huge cross-section of projects, the domain knowledge he has gained is invaluable. 

Clients appreciate his job seniority and commitment. "It has been an intense but rewarding time at Etteplan. I've only had one week of downtime in ten years. I truly enjoy the projects I work on and give 100% of myself," says Tadeusz.  

He currently works as a Software Specialist, a role in which he is constantly learning and developing as an individual. "The atmosphere is friendly and very much in the spirit of Smarter Together. People are always ready to cooperate and I really appreciate working in such a supportive environment," highlights Tadeusz. 

Szymon Bigos   

Szymon joined Etteplan ten years ago and started working with Tadek on a project.  

"I still remember the recruitment interview with Daniel. I can't believe it was ten years ago," Szymon reminisces.  

The first assignment was for ABB Drives. Przemek, who managed the project, was open to Szymon's initiatives, and Tadeusz was also involved. Together they convinced the client to introduce new practices. This fruitful experience benefited both the company and the client. This is a real example of putting into practice our value of bold thinking.  The pandemic then moved the guys to a project at Nokia, where they gained further valuable skills.  

Szymon is currently working on a project related to Functional Safety. This is a fascinating subject for him. "I would like to become a better and better specialist. Etteplan is a good place for that," Szymon asserts. 

It is good to work with you! 

Both staff members, Tadeusz and Szymon, are not only experts in their fields but also trustworthy individuals. Their commitment and skills are invaluable.  

"Tadeusz is a great professional who can be relied on. He always gets involved and builds a very good relationship with the client. Szymon, on the other hand, is an excellent expert in his field, very meticulous and focused on his tasks," states Daniel Rogóż, Senior Department Manager. 

Join us in congratulating Tadeusz and Szymon on this remarkable milestone! We are happy to have them with us and wish for them that their future is filled with many more interesting projects as well as continued growth and well-being with Etteplan.