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Green transition in electronic devices

Why device design needs to be greener and how to create impact

In a world largely relying on different software and hardware solutions, the executives and leaders working in device manufacturing must ensure business operations and products are as sustainable as possible. 

Instead of focusing on new and costly investments first to improve energy efficiency or reduce carbon footprint, companies have multiple ways to optimize the existing design and devices to gain immediate impact. 

This guidebook offers insights and actionable steps on sustainable design and optimizing devices and parameters. It covers topics such as:

  1. The need for environmental sustainability is here to stay
  2. Key drivers and trends for industrial players: regulations, competition, and doing the right thing
  3. Reap the benefits of green code and software design
  4. Green devices: designing the new generation and making the most out of current solutions
  5. The low-hanging fruits – how to get started

The guidebook also includes use cases from Vaisala and Valmet.