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The New Digital Era of Technical Information

Explore our white paper “The New Digital Era of Technical Information”

Every day, around the world, engineers and technicians struggle to find the right information to perform their tasks, causing delays and unsatisfied customers. But there is a more productive way: Etteplan HowTo, a turnkey service designed to accelerate access to the right information for end-users, boost productivity in installation, operation and service and revolutionize the creation and management of information.

Download the white paper and learn more about the benefits and features of Etteplan HowTo.

Table of content:

  1. Technical information reimagined for the 2020s
  2. Challenges in the delivery and comsumption of technical information
    – The burden of finding information – poor user experience and inefficiencies
    – From paper to bits – the imperative of digitilization
    – New era of Industry 4.0 and remote work
  3. Introducing Etteplan HowTo – a new model for technical content
  4. Customer cases
  5. Conclusion