Etteplan provides CFD for Normet as a part of continuous service in engineering and development

Normet is a fast growing and innovative company with a mission to lead the transformation into a more digital and sustainable tomorrow. Within underground mining and tunnelling, they have amassed process expertise in over thousands of projects all over the world. Normet has over 50 years of experience in the industry, over 13000 delivered machines and over 1400 professionals working for the company. Normet’s mission is to lead transformation into digitalized and sustainable underground mining and tunnelling.


Normet and Etteplan have worked together for the past 20 years as partners. The collaboration has included Etteplan’s versatile services for engineering and technical documentation solutions, such as machine and equipment mechanics, electrics design and technical calculations. The companies recently identified a new possibility to collaborate on under the hood thermal management of Normet’s mining machine.

The challenge in question was concerned with the engine’s turbo that could overheat the engine’s oil pump and electronics. The machine should endure heavy usage and the risk of overheating, especially in failure situations, is high. The temperatures and humidity are at an elevated level inside mines where the machine is operating. Hence, the components should be shielded and placed accordingly.

Normet was positively surprised to learn that Etteplan has the know-how and resources to provide the solution.

"While machine manufacturers like Normet are moving towards fully electrical work machines and equipment, the importance of sustainability and product lifecycle management related matters, such as heat management, will be even more essential," explains Jarno Jukola, Etteplan's Manager of Service Solutions at Etteplan, Key Account Manager for Normet.


Computational Thermo and Fluid Dynamics as the solution

For the solution, Etteplan solved how to design a safety casing for the oil pump so that it would block the possible oil flow without blocking airflow and reducing the cooling of the engine. To mitigate the risk of overheating and oil leakage, shielding plates would have to be placed in the engine room. These plates would prevent oil discharge to the hot motor and turbo parts in case of an explosion.

Etteplan implemented Computation Fluid Dynamics to study air and oil droplet flow under the engine hood when the metal plates are placed around the oil pump. After studying the effect of the plates to the air flow, cooling and propeller performance, the conclusion helped to optimize the machine room layout.

“The CFD project was an interesting case study around the latest engine emission technology and the transfer of heat in a confined space. The project helped us to identify the areas in the engine bay where certain actions were needed to reduce the heat load, especially in system failure situations. With the taken actions the effect of heat is now minimized. For us this was the first CFD project around the power units, but definitely not the last!,” explains Pekka Holopainen, Director of Engineering and Project Management at Normet.  


The solution improves machine safety and prolongs the engine’s service life without compromising performance

Normet received easily complicated simulations as a service, which ensure the safe behavior of the machine in harsh conditions. The solution prolongs the service life of the engine and makes the machine safer for the end-customer without compromising on performance. With the quality of the product improved, the risk of reputational damage for Normet is lowered as well.

“Etteplan has been able to provide us expertise on different engineering domains and thus played important role in Normet’s new product development projects. Long term co-operation has helped us to identify the most suitable talents for the work on hand,” concludes Holopainen.

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