Supporting Johnson & Johnson in fighting intestinal parasites

2019, Johnson & Johnson announced that it is extending through 2025 global product donations of an intestinal worms treatment. The new five-year expanded commitment will ensure that one billion doses of VERMOX® CHEWABLE are provided in the 2021-2025 period to high-burden countries via donations to the World Health Organization (WHO), which manages and coordinates country requests for this valuable medicine. Also known as soil-transmitted helminths (STH), intestinal worms are considered the most widespread of neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) and have a particularly damaging impact on the health and development of children.

In several regions across the globe, intestinal parasites cause morbidity and malnutrition, especially among children. Johnson & Johnson's Global Public Health  team is battling parasite infection on a global scale through mass drug administration.

Beyond drug administration and donations, Johnson & Johnson is working with partners as Etteplan to identify sustainable solutions to combat intestinal worms longer term. These include improving diagnostics for STH and developing national monitoring and evaluation frameworks to allow for better data collection, more informed decision-making, and ultimately optimized therapeutic interventions that have the potential to eliminate intestinal worms in endemic countries. 

New methods for screening and analysis increase the effectiveness of the mass drug administration. Etteplan's solution improves the counting of the parasite eggs in the sample by automating the imaging and allowing artificial intelligence to do the counting and classification of parasites. Previously this was done manually with microscopes and counter clickers. The new method is an important step towards increasing the scale, speed, and reliability of testing procedures.

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