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CYBER SECURITY – NIS Directive 2 and the amendment of the NSC Act – requirements for companies and institutions’

  • Past event


Past event
This event was held on 13.12.2023. View all upcoming events.

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On 13 December, a virtual conference entitled 'CYBER SECURITY - NIS Directive 2 and the amendment of the NSC Act - requirements for companies and institutions' will be held. It is organised by the Polish Institute for Business Development. Among the speakers is Tomasz Badowski, our Sales Director from Etteplan Poland.

The whole event will be in Polish.

Topics of the conference

The revision of the National Cyber Security System Act has been under discussion for some time. What will be changed? What issues are important for key service operators? How will the activities performed in relation to incident handling be defined? The NIS 2 Directive, a Directive of the European Parliament and the Council of the EU concerning measures for a high common level of cyber security in the Union, introduces significant changes to improve EU cyber security. It obliges companies and institutions to comply with new requirements.

Among the topics to be covered at the conference are:

  • key obligations under NIS 2 and the KSC Act
  • protection of critical infrastructure
  • effective management of cyber security incidents
  • legal aspects of incident handling
  • pseudonymisation and data encryption
  • protection against ransomware
  • certification of ICT products and services
  • asset and information security
  • technological solutions for SOC
  • backup and archiving of data
  • Network Detect & Response solutions
  • secure migration to the cloud

Implementation of a Secure Product Development Lifecycle in accordance with IEC 62443-4-1

One of the speakers is Tomasz Badowski. During his presentation, he will explain what it is and why you should invest in developing a Secure Product/Software Development Lifecycle process according to the ICE 62443-4-1 standard in your organisation. In addition, he will present the practical aspects of setting up the process, including the essential steps, timeframe and budget based on an actual implementation that Etteplan has done at their company.