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Cyber Security Regulations Update 2023

  • Past event


Past event
This event was held on 31.10.2023. View all upcoming events.

By the end of 2023, EU is expected to have in force all legislation regulating the cyber security of products and entities

RED delegated acts, General Product Safety Regulation, Machinery Regulation are already in force, and EU is finalizing the legislative process on Artificial Intelligence Act, Cyber Resilience Act and Product Liability Directive.

The hEN drafts for Radio Equipment Directive delegated acts are currently being reviewed by national standardization organisations, and these are of particular interest to all equipment manufacturers and associated supply chains, as the hENs will probably be reused in Cyber Resilience Act in some way.

In this webinar, Antti Tolvanen presents the latest cyber security regulatory news affecting development and use of IoT devices and digital services.


  • Why is cyber security of entities and products becoming regulated
  • Cyber security regulatory roadmap in EU 2023-2027 for entities and products
    • NIS2 Directive
    • General Product Safety Regulation
    • Liability Directive
    • RED Delegated Regulation 3(3)def
    • Machinery Regulation
    • Artificial Intelligence Act
    • Cyber Resilience Act
    • EU Cyber Security Act Certification Schemes
  • Focus theme: Radio Equipment Directive delegated acts 3(3)def hEN standards drafts
    • Overview of prEN 18031-1, -2 and -3 contents
    • How will prEN 18031 series standards impact wireless IoT device development lifecycle process
  • Etteplan IEC 62443-4-1 Secure Product Development Lifecycle process definition and certification
    • Experiences, new service offerings and next steps