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Heavy industry electrification in a nutshell – 3 takeaways

Electric cars and bikes are already mainstream in many parts of the world. Electrification of heavy industry, on the other hand, advances more slowly. Nevertheless, a significant transformation is well on its way.

Danfoss is a forerunner in electrification and developing standardized solutions for the industries.

We asked Tero Järveläinen, Danfoss Editron's R&D Director, some quick insight.

  • The transformation of trucks is already on the verge of the first electric generation. In ten years’ time, electric heavy machinery and vehicles used in ports and mining will already be in the stage of serial production, says Järveläinen
  • Next in line are forestry and agricultural vehicles. In agriculture, emission-free and silent vehicles bring plenty of benefits. Farmers can save money and significantly reduce their carbon footprint with electric farm tractors. The estimated annual growth of the global electric tractors market is about 11% from 2020 to 2026.  
  • Regardless of industry and use case, the question of battery charging is crucial. Buyers will ask how much downtime there will be compared to filling the tank of a diesel engine. This requires ever evolving engineering expertise. 

 "Electrification is a mega-trend, and it strongly affects both heavy vehicles and private cars. We want to be at the forefront of responding to and creating the change,"Tero Järveläinen sums up.