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Stock exchange release – Published: 15.06.2007 14:30:00

The Board of Directors of Etteplan Oyj has in its meeting held on 29 May 2007
made a resolution upon directed share issue pursuant to the authorization
granted to it by the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders' held on 29 March
2007. In accordance with the resolution it was accepted and resolved to realize
the acquisition of 100 % of the share stock of ProTang AB partly by way of
increasing the share capital by a directed share issue of 120,430 shares and
EUR 30,107.50. 

The new shares are used as means of the payment in the share swap, in which the 
minority shareholders of ProTang AB swap the rest of the shares they own in the 
company to Etteplan's' shares. The share swap is realized according to sales    
contract dated 7 February 2005.

Through the share acquisition Etteplan further strengthens its' business        
position in Sweden. After the acquisition Etteplan Oyj possesses 100 % of each  
of its' Swedish companies. This will enable even more efficient realization of  
synergies between the Swedish companies and assists in acquisitions.            

The new shares shall be entered into Trade Register on 15 June 2007 after which 
the shares shall be subjected to trade. The shares are available for trading
together with the former shares from 18 June 2007 on. 

The amount of share capital increase is EUR 30,107.50 and the total amount of   
the new share capital after the increase is EUR 2.522.426,70.                   

The total number of shares after the increase is 10.089.707. The number of
shares emitted in the connection with the share capital increase represent
approximately 1,19% of the entire share capital. The Financial Supervision
Authority (FSA) has granted Etteplan Oyj an exception order according to which
the company is not obligated to publish a registration statement. 

Hollola, 15 June 2007                                                           

Etteplan Oyj                                                                    

Board of Directors                                                              

For additional information, contact: CFO Pia Björk,                             
tel. +358 400 241 815.                                                          

DISTRIBUTION: Helsinki Stock Exchange                                           
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