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Roslagsvatten chooses Etteplan as strategic partner in Asset Management for their water and sewerage facilities

Press release – Published: 30.03.2022 10:00:00

Etteplan, Press release, March 30,  2022, at 10:00 a.m. EET

Etteplan has won a competitive public procurement from Roslagsvatten regarding the modernization of the company’s asset management. In capital-intensive companies, downtimes become increasingly expensive due to lost production capacity. Therefore, it is imperative to maximize the assets’ productive life cycle by optimized maintenance programs and efficient use of assets. In addition, safety issues and regulations have an ever-growing impact on how the assets are operated and maintained.

Roslagsvatten is a municipally owned water sewage and waste management company that ensures that 130, 000 people in greater Stockholm area, Sweden, have clean drinking water every day. To futureproof the company’s business, Roslagsvatten is planning on a digital transformation and to become certified in Asset Management according to the ISO 55000 series.

“Our target is to make major improvements by digital transformation and to become one of the top five water and sewerage companies in Sweden in five years. The close partnership with Etteplan allows us to get access to the latest technology and expertise in asset management, while we are able to focus on our core business and reach our growth targets, says Robin Trankell , Head of Production Engineering, Roslagsvatten.

Etteplan's task is to ensure that Roslagsvatten’s vision is being realized – to enable sustainable societies. The scope of the agreement covers taking Roslagsvatten towards being certified in Asset Management ISO 55000, support them in the work towards a major digital transformation and to reach the goal of becoming one of the top five water and sewerage companies in Sweden.

“We are happy that Roslagsvatten trust us to develop and digitalize their operations. Etteplan has a long and solid experience of business development, project management, technical information management, digital twins and more competences which we will be able to leverage on to generate the best possible value for Roslagsvatten”, says Mikael Vatn , SVP Technical Documentation Solutions, Etteplan.

For more information, please contact: 
Mikael Vatn, SVP Technical Documentation Solutions, Etteplan, tel. +46 70 881 48 20
Outi Torniainen, SVP, Marketing and Communications, Etteplan, tel. +358 10 307 3302

Roslagsvatten in short

Roslagsvatten enables sustainable societies. We ensure that 130, 000 people have clean drinking water every day. We develop and maintain the water drinking infrastructure as well as the sewerage system and sewage plants.

We operate in six municipalities in the greater Stockholm area. In addition, we are overall responsible for the waste management of approximately 30, 000 subscribers in two municipalities and operate two recycling centers. Our model means that all municipalities who entrust Roslagsvatten with water, sewage and waste management operations, also become active partners in the company. 

Etteplan in brief

We are a rapidly growing Technology Service company specializing in software and embedded solutions, engineering solutions, and technical documentation solutions. We are a forerunner in the engineering industry and we differentiate ourselves by the wide-ranging competence of our experts. Our customers include world’s leading companies in the manufacturing industry. We help them to create a better world through engineering, innovation and digitalization. Etteplan has lead the way in the engineering field already since 1983. In 2021, we had a turnover of EUR 300.1 million. The company currently has over 3,800 professionals in Finland, Sweden, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Denmark and China. Etteplan's shares are listed on Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd under the ETTE ticker.