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Barbara Kardel-Piątkowska: Combining passions for information studies and linguistics

“Etteplan made it possible to combine two of my majors: information studies and linguistics.”

Barbara Kardel-Piątkowsk was always aware that in the modern, global, constantly changing world, information is one of the greatest assets. That is why she chose information studies as her first major. Before she even graduated, she found a job in a university library.

“I enjoyed helping the students get the information they need to complete their studies.”

Working at the university, Barbara also became fascinated by linguistics so much that it became her second major. At the same time, Barbara started to work in the translation industry.

“After a few years in the translation business I realized I would like to have more influence on the content I’m creating,“ Barbara explains.

That’s when she started to read about technical writing and applied to Etteplan in Wrocław, Poland. Soon, she started as a Junior Documentation Specialist. After a year of intensive development, Barbara was promoted to Documentation Specialist.

“I was given an opportunity to work in an international team of experienced experts. Diving into the depths of technical authoring is a fascinating journey."

Now she can help the users to get the right information in the manuals she creates. During her information science studies she learned how to organize and structure information to make it accessible. Her linguistic background allows her to choose the applicable language to reach the audience of the manuals she writes. She also promotes the profession of a technical author among students of linguistics.

Most of the projects entrusted to her are done in cooperation with Etteplan’s technical authors from other countries.

“It’s a real pleasure to be able to learn from colleagues with impressive expertise and knowledge of the subject”, she says with a smile. “At the same time I have the support and trust from my local manager, Hanna Makowska, and my team of fellow authors and illustrators. This makes me feel like I belong to a big, international family, and I feel welcome there.”