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Dennis Rademaker: There is always room for expanding your knowledge

Dennis Rademaker is an experienced Technical Illustrator working at Etteplan Netherlands. Working at Etteplan since 2018 his vision is to always keep learning and developing his expertise.  

“At Etteplan there is always room to learn new things and develop your skills. Our work culture is very open to new ideas, and it provides opportunities to develop yourself. If you are willing to grow, Etteplan supports you in the best possible way.” 

Dennis believes that everyone should keep up with the new techniques and possibilities. Dennis’ attitude towards learning comes from his family background. His father always told Dennis to keep developing his skills in private but also at work. “My father’s way of thinking really shaped the need to always learn new things, and for that, I am very grateful. His words have in fact guided me through my career”, he shares. 

In addition to his degree, Dennis has taught himself many skills that he uses on a daily basis: desk top publishing, graphics design, 3D visualization, animation, illustration, scripting, web design, and 3D engineering.  

Even during his time off Dennis is also figuring out how to offer better instructions to customers like using game engines to learn possibilities. 

“When I demonstrate these improvements to the management, I notice that they are open to new ideas. These processes allow me to expand and use my knowledge again.”

At Etteplan Dennis has had the opportunity to work on projects for highly valued companies in the health tech industry and in the field of mechatronics. Since 2019, he has been working as a Technical Illustrator on projects for our customer VDL/ETG in Eindhoven. 

“Right now, I am working on a vessel for an ASML Wafer Handler. Originally this project was planned for a few months, but it has been extended to 3 years because the customer is very satisfied with Etteplan’s team”, Dennis shares.  

One thing Dennis truly values at Etteplan is the attitude towards growth. 

 “Sometimes technical instructions are printed, but mostly it is digital these days. Luckily, we are now also moving towards VR and AR content. That is exactly what I stand for: instead of standing still, we are moving forward and innovating.”  

Dennis values the opportunity to work for interesting customers. Being able to contribute and uplift their production is great along with being a part of providing Etteplan’s signature touch to the products.  

Similarly to his work, Dennis’ amazing drive towards growth shows also in his spare time. His drive to try new things even led him to move to Curaçao, where he worked as a web designer in the early 2000s. “I have never regretted making that life change, otherwise I would not have met my wife Anja, who at the time, worked as a diving instructor there.” 

He also enjoys music and plays both guitar and piano. He explains that nowadays there are so many tutorials on YouTube, so anyone with internet access can learn from them. Teaching yourself to play an instrument is a great way to ease your mind. 

Dennis is always encouraging co-workers to take new steps in their careers. “Personally, I think a person should always move forward and expand their knowledge. You are never too old to learn new things.”