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Hannes Olsson: A formidable consultants’ journey

Hannes Olsson is one of our Mechanical Engineers in Gävle, Sweden and has been with us since his studies. He first met us during his University introduction period, where he thought Etteplan stood out from other companies there. “It seemed like a fun place to work, with good colleagues and a great work environment. I got other offers but I chose Etteplan and haven’t regretted it since” he says and smiles.  

Hannes has been a part of a project for two years now with one of our customers, where they are building a grinding machine. “It’s a fun and challenging development project where everything is made from scratch. To design an entire machine from start to finish has been an experience that truly represents the trade that I’m in” he says. The project has gone through all the steps; from early ideas, to concept, final design, manufacturing, assembling, testing and finally installation. On top of that, Hannes has been able to visit other offices, meet various customers, external partners and other benefactors.  

“I think it’s inspiring that our customer chose to build a whole machine themselves. I’ve learned so much and I really like to see companies who dare to make these kinds of investments.”

One of Hannes’ favorite parts of this journey has been the learning experience. To discuss problems and to hear new insights from other experts. “It’s fun to solve problems, to be creative and to have fun at work” Hannes says. In his new role as a Team Leader he wants to create a learning environment for his team. “We all bring information back from what we’ve learned in our projects, which is one of our biggest strengths” he says. “We communicate and learn from each other. It doesn’t matter what you work with, in what city or even which country you’re in – I feel as comfortable with asking a colleague in Finland for help, as I am with asking my colleagues in Gävle” Hannes says proudly.

In his free time Hannes likes everything that has to do with technology. He enjoys working with computers and programs, and he also used to build smaller machines in the workshop he had during his studies. Hannes also likes to stay active by running, going to the gym and doing other sports like tennis, football, and basketball. He joined the Tough Viking obstacle race this year (2023) with some of his colleagues from other offices. “I really like to push myself and try new things. To have a challenge and to overcome it – that is really fun!” he says and smiles.  

“We truly have a lot of fun together at Etteplan, we do activities regularly and always seem to find joy in our projects. We have a great community and many career opportunities in various directions. I highly recommend you to join us, it’s a great place to work!”