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Ruud van Tiel: I couldn’t wish for a better group of people around me at the office

Currently working with the inhouse projects team of Etteplan Linköping, Ruud van Tiel is working as a mechanical design engineer with several specializations, from Edge Geometry and Grinding techniques to Additive Manufacturing and Manufacturing involving natural materials. In addition, Ruud has an interest in Design engineering and Marketing.
Originally coming from the Netherlands Ruud moved to Sweden the first time in 2019 and worked at Morakniv, first as a Product Development Engineer and later as a Production and Optimization Engineer. Sadly the implications of Corona ended that employment, and he was forced to move back to the Netherlands for a short while. Then via a project from Etteplan that required a specialist in knife grinding they found Ruud, who was itching to get back to Sweden.
Ruud’s initial move to Sweden was a combined motivation of passion for the subject he worked with, as well as a love for the Outdoors. Having nature in a close proximity always had been a great desire, as well as being able to contribute in a more direct sense in industry rather than making far-fetched concept sketches which is often the reality in Dutch Design agencies, as within the Netherlands there aren’t as many companies that produce locally.
Finally within Sweden again he is able to continue a more satisfying lifestyle, being able to go into the forests on weekends, may it be to take out a canoe for a paddle or find the more secluded areas around Linköping for an overnight stay.

"Having found a truly stimulating and supportive group of colleagues really makes the hassle of emigrating multiple times worth it. And I couldn’t wish for a better group of people around me at the office” Ruud says, being a contributing positive influence himself which makes for a great atmosphere in the Linköping office.

Having given courses for close to 10 years now on the subject of sharpening techniques and all the micromechanics that belong to the subject, Ruud is still giving courses within the office after work hours for those interested in learning more about sharpening techniques. He initially keeps it simple, but swiftly dives into the metallurgy and electron-microscopy with an uninhibited sense of enthusiasm.

A driving curiosity and willingness to share makes it that Ruud isn’t only to be found in the office and Outdoor scene, but also has a heavy digital footprint. From the online Streaming communities where he helps makers and creators around the world develop their production techniques as well as marketing and business plans. Offering a hand in educating the people interested in niche topics requested by the viewers in question. As well as researching completely new topics for future exploration.